21. Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch (1995)

Repeat Viewing.

A trend I’ve picked up on Jarmusch movies is that his works really improve upon multiple viewings. It’s one of the highest compliments I could place on a directors body of work. Dead Man reveals depths that are hard to initially pick up on when you’re preoccupied with following the story, so I didn’t leave the cinema feeling blown away by it, far from it, but the film ate away at my brain until I felt compelled to view it again and that’s where it comes into it’s own.It’s been a criticism that Jarmuch’s work lacks narrative, which is naive crap frankly, but I would say that it’s not his primary goal in filmmaking- And thank fuck that a director (with English as their primary language) realises that there’s more to a movie than just telling a story, and, unsurprisingly, it’s taken a lover of Ozu and Vigo to show us it. Watch Dead Man, give it a few days, then watch it again. Repeat process until movie satisfaction is attained.

Marks out of ten – Eight


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