31. Speedy – Ted Wilde (1928)

First Viewing.

This was the last silent movie the wonderful Harold Lloyd made, and it’s a piece of pure nostalgic candy-floss beauty. If, like me, you’ve got a special place for the city of New York then you’ll love this movie from a historical point of view and, even if you don’t, it’ll make you smirk, smile and chuckle for 80 minutes. Lloyd bounds through the boroughs with such whimsy and joy that you can’t help but fall in love with this flick. The section shot at Coney Island being the absolute highlight of the adventure, you can almost smell the popcorn and hotdogs. There’s also a great cameo from ‘The Babe’, so any baseball lovers will find this a treat too.

You can’t go wrong with watching this film, especially if you were let down with ‘The Artist’.

Marks out of ten – eight.


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  1. KC

    I’ll have to check this out too.

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