32. Lbs. – Matthew Bonifacio (2004)

First Viewing.

Lbs. finally received it’s DVD release this month after being made on a micro-budget back in 2004 and it’s probably worth the wait. The most interesting and exciting element of the film is the parallel between the main character, Neil, and actor’s, Carmine Famiglietti, weight loss. The film charts Neil’s weight loss through seclusion in the middle chapter of the film and thus the dedication of Famiglietti to “get thin” for his art is an incredibly beautiful action. The film, by tackling such a difficult topic, asks interesting questions about self worth and human perception. It offers no answers in truth, but that’s by design, it avoids the obvious Hollywood clichés of self disgust being conquered and the protagonist snagging the prettiest girl in the town. The dialogue is also sharp, the acting spot on and the photography very competent. There are a few issues I have with script, it’s a little jumbled at times and occasionally lacking direction, but that doesn’t spoil the film. It perhaps leans a bit too heavily on the Italian-New Yorker stereotype too when it really doesn’t need to. It is, however, a good, thought provoking and, at times, uncomfortable movie to watch.

Marks out of ten – Seven



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5 responses to “32. Lbs. – Matthew Bonifacio (2004)

  1. Surely at the end, on the beach, he overcomes his self-loathing?

  2. I think the bulimia scene prior to that moment makes it too ambiguous to say that for sure.

  3. KC

    I liked this movie a lot, it was quite different from your usual movie. Nice review and blog :-)

  4. Vickie

    I’ll try to understand what were you saying, but it’s quite difficult for me. How are you?

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