34. The Descendants – Alexander Payne (2012)

First Viewing.

I’ve been a big fan of Alexander Payne’s work since watching Election back at the turn of the century. He followed up Election with a couple of other very good movies in About Schmidt and Sideways. The Descendants, his latest offering, is another well made, nicely observed, witty movie, but, well, it’s all a bit forgettable in the end. It’s reminiscent of Clooney’s 2010 attempt at an endearing-Oscar-hoarding-type-movie; Up in the Air. It had all the same hallmarks as The Descendants and I’ll be damned if anyone’s going to be remembering that in ten years time. Clooney, of course, is extremely watchable and puts in a very good performance, but, and I can’t quite put my finger on why or what, this movie just lacks a certain something. I’ve not got anything bad to say about it per se, it all works on paper, the Hawaiin location is stunning, and I enjoyed seeing it, but…..

Marks out of ten -Six

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