43. Tabloid – Errol Morris (2010)

First Viewing.

In the interests of full disclosure and fairness I should say that I’m not the hugest fan of documentaries. Now I wouldn’t say I hate them, but it’s not often I’ll pick watching one over a dramatized narrative movie. I think I’m still a little scarred from film-school and their endless, and I might say fruitless, attempts to get me to watch and make more documentaries. It’s just not my thing, I’m all about the fictional motion-picture….

I did, however, enjoy Tabloid. It’s a crazy story with, perhaps, the craziest of all endings. Certainly the surrealist ending I’ve ever known in a documentary, I mean it goes from a religious-bondage-kidnapping film into a Korean-dog cloning story in a matter of moments. Like all documentaries it really depends on how interesting you find the story being told as to whether you’ll enjoy it. Joyce McKinney is bizarrely engaging enough to keep you entertained, but it’s the nature of the British press and it’s, um, unusual methods for reporting a story that are real high points of the story being told, or maybe I should say low points? It’s a interesting enough film, but it ain’t no La Grande Illusion.

Marks out of ten – Six


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