Notes on the Blog

I’ve purposely not bothered to review popcorn/blockbuster movies I watch. And It’s not because I don’t enjoy them, but it’s just that there’s more than enough blogs/newspapers/websites/crazypeopleonthestreet to tell you about them.

I’ve also decided to include a Marks out of ten section for my own personal reference point of a movie more than anything else. (And, perhaps, a touch of vanity too.) I’m quite aware of the frivolous and arbitrary nature of attaching a numerical value to a piece of art.

As most of these little reviews are concocted at 4am in the morning on little sleep and maximum coffee and cigarettes it’s inevitable that they will be full of typos and general fuck ups, so think of these mistakes as part of the furniture.

One response to “Notes on the Blog

  1. Tom

    I really like this page. Clean, crisp and this Notes Page sums it up nicely. I dig the writing style as well. Be sure to check out what’s going on on my page at

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