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26. Giant – George Stevens (1956)

First Viewing.

Oh James. How could you leave us like this?

I expected too much from Giant, and thus it couldn’t possibly deliver. It’s a slightly above average film elevated by a fantastic cast. It’s frankly way too long and even I started to tire of James’ caricature of Kane. Of course every Dean fan will continue to seek out Giant on late night television or in creaking secondhand DVD stores, but I shan’t be in much of a hurry to watch it again.

Marks out of ten – Six

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13. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? – Mike Nichols (1966)

First Viewing.

I’m sure this joke’s been made before, but you could be forgiven for thinking this is a documentary of Burton and Taylor’s marriage. It’s intense, it’s fiery, and it’s wonderful. Burton and Taylor devour Albee’s cruel and cutting lines and give, perhaps, their finest performances captured on film. The best moments of this film are Burton and Taylor going at each other, Segal and Dennis hold up their end of the picture, but there’s no doubt where the greatness in this movie lies.

Marks out of ten – Nine

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