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68. The Amazing Spider-Man – Marc Webb (2012)

First Viewing.

I don’t normally get around to writing up reviews for blockbusters because;

  1. there’s already plenty of other material around to read.
  2. there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said.
  3. I prefer writing about smaller films
  4. laziness

That all being said I thought I’d put up a few words about The Amazing Spider-man. (I don’t much care for Spider-man being hyphenated, Batman isn’t and it looks much cooler.) I’ll start with the good stuff; Andrew Garfield made a very good Spider-man. I’m not sure if I preferred him over Tobey Maguire’s version, but he did an admirable job taking it over. Rhys Ifans was, likewise, excellent in the role of the antagonist. He makes for a very smarmy bad guy. The 3D was pretty pointless, but I did enjoy the POV shots of Spider-man swinging through NYC. It brought together the excitement and danger of that escapade. And, overall, there was nothing I hated about the film.

My main complaint about the film is the same one that pretty much everyone else has, it’s very similar to the Raimi films that came out ten years ago. The director is basically retelling the same standard story all over again that we’d seen in Spider-man (2002) But, I can completely understand why they’ve gone that way. Plugging in a new Spider-man, but continuing the Raimi story wouldn’t have worked all that well, in my opinion. It didn’t work with the previous Batman franchise. So now you’re left with telling viewers a story they already know, which doesn’t make for great cinema.

If the Raimi films didn’t exist then I’d probably add an extra mark to the score, but lack of originality means it won’t be getting anything higher than a seven from me. At the start of the summer it was below both Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises in my expectancy level, and it certainly wasn’t as good as Avengers Assemble, and, I hope, expect, The Dark Knight Rises ends up being the best of all the summer blockbusters.

Marks out of ten – Seven


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