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30. The Artist – Michel Hazanavicius (2011)

First Viewing

First things fucking last, to quote Nice Guy Eddie, must be to say that Hazanavicius should be hugely congratulated for actually getting a silent movie made in an era of 3D and I’m-edited-so-fast-I-can’t-tell-what-the-hell-just-happened type films – Michael Bay, I mean you! So well done, Michel. Now, for my main gripe(s) with the film, it’s just a very average film. I’m certain had it been released in the 1920s it would have been lost amongst the superior Chaplin/Keaton/Lloyd models. One doesn’t even have the luxury of watching the movie as a historical document like one can with other silent films. There’s nothing actually bad about The Artist, but it just doesn’t do enough to stand out from the crowd, except, of course, there is no crowd now so it’s being treated as a masterpiece. (Michel you better clear your mantlepiece for all the awards coming your way) Also, if you’re going to stick to genre conventions (like making your movie silently) don’t start putting sounds in half way through the film. It ruins the whole damn illusion! I don’t get why you would want to do that…

It’s enjoyable, but it’s no The Cameraman or The Gold Rush

Marks out of ten – Six


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